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4 min readMay 29, 2019

Alyse Vellturo is the one-woman band pronoun. The Brooklyn based singer-songwriter/producer, just released her first full length album, i’ll show you stronger that is eclectic and radiant.

pronoun has a 90’s emo rock vibe, with hints of folk and dream pop. Vellturo stretches beyond genres through her experimentation with production and instrumentation. She combines layers of octaves and ranges for her vocals that is compelling. Her use of fuzzy percussion and tight guitarwork, showcase her creativity and fluidity when it comes to writing.

Vellturo wears many hats when it comes to her music. She did the recording, production, and artwork for the album, all while working a day job.

i’ll show you stronger follows pronoun’s 2016 debut EP, there’s no one around you, and is boasting with confidence and self awareness in comparison. The album examines heartache and depression with upbeat, airy synth-pop tunes, while focusing on the idea of recovery and self discovery. Vellturo reimagines darkness in a way that is honest, approachable, and hopeful.

“This record picks up where my first EP left off. It pretty much saved my life. It helped me realize it’s ok to be sad, and crazy, and hurt, and vulnerable, but it’s just as important to stand up for yourself and know what you deserve, and lastly to move on.”

“you’re not trying at all” illustrates the bleakness of depression. The title of the track sums up the content of the tune. It is bright and dreamy with its surfy electric guitar and echoing harmonies.

“When finishing up this one, I thought what if I just screamed, “You’re not trying at all?” This was that start of pushing my vocal recording and performance in a more uncomfortable direction. I really wanted the end to slap you in the face, as it’s the first track; for people to be like, “Woah, never heard that side of Pronoun before.”

run,” has a howling chorus that is both emotional and again reminiscent of early 2000’s rock. Vellturo captures movement and anxiety with the jarring guitar riff solo. It is a sound that seems sincere and timeless.

“‘run’ has been out for over a year now, but it was the world’s introduction to my new sound and what to expect from this album. It touches on the frustration of knowing someone so well and knowing they’re about to flee from all of their problems and go start a new life, when part of you hopes the inevitable is in your head but the other part knows better, and they’re gonna run.”

No, it’s not how you do it
It’s not like you’re being discrete
Running round the nation
Avoiding this and reality
And what we have and who we know
And walking down our street

stay,” embodies the ugliness of a breakup and its emotional toll. It starts off with a quick beat and playful hushed vocals. There is an evident tension in this track.

“I wanted to make a song about the exact moment you’re going through a confrontation and the second-by-second minute-by-minute realizations. The clock ticking, your heartbeat, everything. A lot of this album is conversation with myself, it’s helping me walk through past events of my life and navigating how to move forward.”

And now I’m pacing in the corner saying go i know you’re feeling
Shocked because you thought I would press
For you to change, to reconsider
But I’ve already been dealing
With knowing we have nothing left


Vellturo pushes her vocals in every direction throughout the album, sometimes layering them in different scales and octaves, challenging the listener to keep up with the texture. In“sadie,” Vellturo overlaps quick breathy whispers of lyrics with strong echoing lines. She is able to successfully execute a flow you wouldn’t necessarily predict.

Vellturo talks of her inspiration for Sadie.

“I remember longboarding down the streets of SXSW 2016 writing this. All the new people and artists I was seeing and meeting — it was one of those moments where I realized how lucky I was and that even though I was feeling so, so depressed, there were still good vibes all around me. I just had to look for them.”

the pieces of you” is dancey with a more defined bass line and shimmery vocals. Hints of 80’s electronic pop shine through the jangly instrumentation. This track tackles the idea of taking ownership of yourself. There is a strength in it that is warm and encouraging.

“Broken people try and break others. You can always piece yourself together. When you’re at your lowest, remember that at the end of the day, you are still yourself, you own every part of you and are in control of it. Feel what you need to, but never forget that.”

Because the pieces of you
Are only pieces
And the pieces of me
Are more than pieces

i’ll show you stronger is full of love songs gone wrong. It is emotionally refreshing in its vulnerability and self proclamation. Vellturo assures us that pain is inevitable but it is also temporary, and we have to learn to keep moving forward, on and away.

“I hope i’ll show you stronger can give listeners some relief — and maybe the songs get stuck in their heads,” she leaves off. “It’s relevant to so many things. Mostly, it’s about fixing a situation and emerging as a stronger person.”

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