Photo by TRI WISNU HADI on Unsplash

I thought things might go south

but they didn’t

and I wouldn’t have been prepared

if they had gone another way

To stay inside each day

I would hate not being able to see you

An unplanned reunion already fallen through

I’m finding it hard to make sense of

what comes next

to see it clearly

Today feels like yesterday

the rest are the same

there is no use in counting

We’ve had nothing but time to digest it

We cover our mouths and our noses

for our neighbours

It’s been hard to separate

what’s going on here

from the mess that he’s made

I haven’t gone this long

without a hug from my mom

I’m forgetting where her brown freckles have shied away

I ache for the dry heat that we knew so well

offering no mercy

except a kiss of cool in the morning

and at night

There’s guilt that hangs heavy

whenever I have a spare moment

to think of home

there is Florence all alone

No one calling on the phone

no visiting

no baseball

no shopping for a bra

She’s seen it all crumble over and over

Close to a century she’s lived

without giving up

How’s she liking her confinement

I wonder

She’s got too much time to sit and wait

for nothing

My body longs for discomfort

An early morning to escape the city and go beyond

The sound of bustle

Spaces overcrowded with bodies touching

Now we can’t bear to look at

We’ve saved our holiday

for the holidays that won’t go ahead

I think of the cities and the friends

that I’ve left behind

that used to be mine

now so far away

for so long



Writer. Wanna-be musician.

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